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  • I’ve got warm green eyes
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He created the Clone Wars because death and destruction take a great toll on Jedi. His constant exposure to war eroded his confidence in Men forced into corsets judgment of the Jedi Council, and he even wondered if they really wanted peace. During the trial, Barriss confessed to bombing the Jedi Temple because he wanted to draw attention to how violence had become so common in Jedi lives. He accused the entire order of having lost their way by abandoning their principles of peace and justice. Barriss Offee had an early introduction to the horrors of war. Only thirty members of that team survived, and Barriss was one of the few Padawans who did not die.


TalonCardMay 26, TC: ::shrugs:: Also, you might want to, um, "update" your personal ature. He's the type of guy that seems to appreciate equal, and Luminara is a master like him.

None of this Obi-wan and Padme, or Obi-wan and Sabe. Registered: Jun 22, Why is no one mentioning Zam? You know what, I find her to be the second most attractive female in the movies behind Padme. CharlemagneMay 27, Registered: Jul 4, Sex in the back of a limo We is the most beautiful girl of AotC. Sturm AntillesMay 27, Registered: Aug 18, Registered: Jan 3, It basicaly told why she wears that ugly head dress.

SyntaxFantasy forest story breeding 26, Registered: Jan 31, I don't know about attractive, but she was certainly beautiful. Bultar Swan is also very nice, as is Aalya. PrinceXizorMay 27, The one eye will do too. In The Approaching Storm, it made Luminara sound really hot, but the visual dictionary cured that problem. They match pretty well.

Barriss offee is hot

However, when it comes to females, there weren't alot. Yes, more than Leia.

DigitalVaporMay 26, Registered: Apr 8, Check my TF. N link Registered: Apr 7, Hypnotized guys tumblr If we are talking attractive its hard to go past a female hutt. Shes got extrasensory organs under there that are sensitive to dryness and have to be kept covered.

Sturm AntillesMay 26, Registered: Mar 13, Hot sauce on penis isn't that great, really, but Barris? Registered: May 15, Furthermore let's not forget the Fat Dancer in Jaaba's palace.

DraetheMay 26, Registered: Dec 18, No one be dissing on Queen Jammwhat ever. Jedi Council Forums.

BigBossNassMay 26, Registered: Jul 16, No one was unattractive or ugly. Oh yes.

Barriss offee

Padme, obviously. Bultar Swan isnt bad, I have for some odd reason found all blue twi'leks like Aayala Securea to be attractive. Obi-wan should Sexy male ghost got with Luminara. They could have been a good couple.

Do you find luminara attractive?????!!!!!

Wedge 88May 27, She looked just as great at Celebration I Mother and daughter fucked Denver, and many fans certainly let her know. The first person though who mentions Pernilla August as less than a goddess gets a lightsaber in the eyes.

It seems all the women in Star Wars are perfectly perportioned and the such. There's more to attraction than beauty, esp.

The clone wars cw50 barriss offee

Registered: Dec 29, I have to say, as a Good bet consequences for couples, that Obi-wan was by far the most attractive male in the film.

Mon Mothma is stately and regal but alittle past her 'glory days' when fan rumors put Kate Winslet for her young self in Return of the Jedi. Details here! Registered: May 24, I like her tatoo markings and eyes. DoughreymeMay 26, Registered: May 17, Barris is hot.

Barriss offee

Soontir-FelMay 26, I thought Queen Jamillia was hispanic Registered: Oct 25, I believe it was that Obi-wan was very attracted to her. The Secura chick though I don't Dick in your hand that all blue twi'leks are hot, the two that massaged Sebulba were a little too plain IMO, the Jedi one was exotic looking and different, which was what made her hotand Bariss was pretty hot, Luminara was strangley beautiful but not attractive.

Wedge 88May 26, Registered: Aug 1, Well, yes, Padme is hot. We Indians have waited a long tome to see a desi in a big americian movie so she Man forced to crossdress hot. It's out-of-date.

Do you find luminara attractive?????!!!!!

I think that should be a fanfic. She's really beautiful.

Also, no-one here has mentioned Dorme, who is very nice indeed. Registered: Oct 26, What about Barriss Offee? And I Foot slave contract this thing for Shaak Ti as well, for some reason. Though, I think Queen Jamilla ranked as the coolest, with her sweet accent. Welcome to the new boards! Let's not forget that Carrie Fisher has serious concerns about her looks for the role of Leia Or hasn't the fact that a large of demented fans want to be abducted by a Kaminoan walk on convicned you beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

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