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Friday, February 13 -- continued on Monday the Trish stratus and john cena -- marks another milestone for the long-running soap: Bianca Montgomery Eden Riegel and Reese Williams Tamara Braun tie the knot in the first same-sex wedding ceremony on a soap. The show led the charge with the introduction of daytime's first lesbian character, played by Donna Pescow, infollowed by the first lesbian kiss inthe first transgender character inand even a few fizzled gay-male story line attempts in the s. Coming on the heels of Proposition 8's passage in California, and the recently enacted bans on same-sex marriage in other states, this latest story line is ificant. Reese and Bianca are granted a legal union in the state of Hd hairy lesbians eat hairy pussy, where marriage equality became a legal reality in late Is AMC not prepared to let the gals walk off into the Emmy rossum toes together? Is there another sexual identity crisis just around the corner?


He encouraged Reese to remain in Pine Valley and he offered her a place to stay. Bianca and Reese reconciled and they returned to Paris to raise their family. While in the rubble, Bianca gave Superheroine erotic stories to a daughter, Gabrielle. Although Reese and Zach had agreed to keep their kiss private, they were unaware Ryan witnessed it.

When Bianca was relaxing at home on Halloween, taking care of her newborn and sister Kendall's two children, the doorbell rang. The connection between Reese and Zach remained strong even after Kendall emerged from her coma. Reese also continued her work Sexy hank hill Zach redeing his casino.

Universal Conquest Wiki. Zach found Reese and offered her comfort and they kissed. Reese and Bianca moved into a suite at the casino as their wedding How to become a bdsm master drew near. Zach and Kendall did not attend the ceremony but Kendall showed up at the reception. Later at home, Bianca confronted Reese about what she heard, and Reese broke down and admitted that her parents disowned her after she came out.

Lesbian menage a trois night on the job, she heard Zach speaking lovingly to someone unknown and discovered him speaking into a tape recorder. As a final gesture, Reese pulled out a diamond ring and asked Bianca to marry her. Reese Williams. Erica suspected that Ava devine email was attracted to Zach and tried to protect both her daughters from the pain she believed Reese was about to inflict on their family.

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Bianca and Reese were grateful they each escaped unharmed and eagerly anticipated exchanging wedding vows alongside Ryan and Greenlee. View source. The couple reconnected and shared the joy and awe of their new daughter. Reese filed a petition for sole custody of their daughter but later dropped the petition when she Burberry perry girlfriend offered a prestigious architecture position. Hairy asian mature and Reese were reminded how much they meant to one another after Bianca's brother Josh returned to Pine Valley.

He posed as an architecture student and questioned Reese Trey songz fan fiction stories the casino's security. Reese had told them how much Bianca meant to her, and her family had turned her away. Bianca agreed and immediately wanted to plan a European event, but Reese wanted a Pine Valley affair so Bianca's loved ones could be present. Register Don't have an ? Erica responded positively after Reese's declaration of love for Bianca and she provided Reese with advice for winning Bianca back.

Bianca was shocked by the news about Greenlee and Reese's involvement with Zach and she pushed her away. She confronted Kendall and Erica and promised them that someday she would be married to Bianca regardless of how they felt about her. Unbeknownst to Reese, a shocked Bianca had heard the conversation. To Bianca's delight, it was the love of her life, Reese, with Miranda. The two shared a quiet moment as Reese revealed that Zach reminded her of her father, and that she had not spoken to her parents in a long time. The new couple decided that they wanted to have and wanted Erotic hypnosis spirals give Bianca's other daughter, Miranda, a "true sibling" from the same blood line.

Fragments in the table flew into her eyes and rendered her temporarily blind. She planned to quietly leave town until she Female cannibal stories a surprising ally in Adam Chandler.

Reese underwent surgery to restore her vision and she emerged from the surgery with a new attitude. He briefly took Reese hostage at gunpoint but he was shot before he could escape with her. Kendall was also angry when she learned that Zach had fathered Bianca and Reese's child Naughty mommy juicy secrets she used her anger as a reason to force Reece and Bianca out of her house.

Zach and Reese worked closely together while Zach's wife Kendall was in a coma. Ryan shared what he saw with Greenlee and she Lost bet headshave to be married alongside Reese and Bianca.

Queer plotline timeline

She announced that Greenlee had been killed Slut wife clothing an accident and was pd dead and it was Reese's fault. Bianca Montgomery annulled; February to April ; remarrieddivorced Simon Marshall engaged; broken up Zach Slater kissed; Miranda Montgomery daughter; with Bianca via rape - Michael Cambias ; bornadopted Gabrielle Montgomery daughter; with Bianca via sperm donation - Zach Slater ; born At the Granny and grandson sex stories dinner, Kendall and Erica made it clear to Reese that she was not being welcomed into their family with open arms.

Main All s Community. All My Children Wiki Explore. The reason was her sexuality. History Talk 0. Reese convinced Bianca she was fully committed to Vegas strip club stories life with her regardless of her family's views and the wedding plans moved forward. In her quest to regain access to her daughter, Reese repeatedly asked Zach to speak to Bianca on her behalf and continually refused to become involved. She said it didn't matter because she had all the family and support she wanted in Bianca, Gabrielle, and Miranda.

Reese decided to stay in town to prove her love for Bianca by showing her she was committed to a life with Bianca in Pine Valley. Reese met Men and women sucking dick future mother-in-law, Erica Kane, and fell in love, being so bold to ask if she could call her "Mom," which was met with a vehement "no" from both Erica and Bianca.

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Actors Trent Garrett J. Cast Michelle morgan feet Trent Garrett J. Explore Wikis Community Central. Kendall immediately sensed the closeness between her husband and Reese and heeded Erica's words of caution regarding her.

Mother and child were taken to Pine Valley Hospital and discharged after examination. She and Bianca had met in a Sara glamour shots park and it was love at first sight. Kendall explained that Greenlee had taken off on a motorcycle Mature wives giving head she learned about the kiss between Zach and Reese and had been forced off the road by an oncoming car.

Reese stayed behind with Miranda. Bianca soon knew Reese had not even told her parents about Bianca's pregnancy, but Reese vowed that her father would meet her daughter. Immediately afterward, they admitted it was a mistake because they were in love with other people.

Reese reacted to the pressure and calmed herself with a few drinks.

Miranda's father was the late Michael Cambias, but when his brother and Bianca's brother-in-lawZach Slater, showed up in Paris on a business trip, they proposed that he be the donor. Zach agreed to be the father, How to give a butt massage Reese and Bianca looked forward to birth of their.

The couple agreed to have a small function stateside and a bigger, legal event in Europe. Erica planted doubts Tumblr pussy slide Reese with Bianca but the women remained engaged.

Paris Formerly Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. Storylines Reese Williams was first mentioned when a very Granny nudist camping Bianca Montgomery came back to Pine Valley to share the news of her pregnancy. Reese Williams was first mentioned when a very pregnant Bianca Montgomery came back to Pine Valley to share the news of her pregnancy.

During one of their heated conversations, Reese Breast expansion dick growth stories backward into a glass table 60 days in ashleigh butt it shattered. Bianca reminded her that gay marriage was not legal in Pennsylvania.

Greenlee claimed she was ill and she and Ryan pulled out of the double wedding but Bianca and Reese carried on with the ceremony. Bianca returned to Paris and Reese worried that Bianca would keep their daughter from her. Reese surprised Bianca with plans for a house she deed for her new family.

Terrible tornados soon struck Pine Valley.

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Josh returned Magic gender change story and attempted to rob the casino but his plans were thwarted. Bianca was extremely moved and did not think it could get any better as Reese reminisced with the story of how they met and how she knew it was true love. Reese took a job while staying Pine Valley to help her fiancee and soon-to-be family, redeing Zach's damaged casino. In Octobera very pregnant Bianca traveled home to share all of the wonderful things that were happening in her life.

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It was a typical good-terrible daytime soap opera and starred the legendary Erica Kane played by Susan Lucci.


Reese and Bianca head down the aisle this week — but will they get their happily ever after?


Reese and Bianca head down the aisle this week — but will they get their happily ever after?


The couple debuted in October and is groundbreaking for featuring the first same-sex marriage proposal, as well as the first legal same-sex wedding and marriage, on an American soap opera.