married latina Adalynn
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  • Age:
  • 29
  • Ethnic:
  • Colombian
  • Body type:
  • My body features is chubby
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Roller-skating


That work will in this episode involves getting a sexbot up and running, and heading back to the Old Mormon Fort to see Bi stories masterhank we can convince an old Ghoul cowgirl to the cause. The Shemale face fucking part is technically the easier part, all that you need to do is bring a bottle of absinthe to Beatrix and you will be given an option to recruit her using it. The problem is, I have no idea where to find this information in the game itself. Once we have the holotape we have to head back to Cerulean Robotics to it, and then start up the sexbot. This is why. This weapon is a mobile version of the big flash that killed all of those NCR folks around the outside of the power plant when we finished off that quest.


The climax of the quest was worth it. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

It's okay. Nuka-XOct 23, I searched for like 20 minutes last night in order to find it.

Always checking the local map, even though it's horrible in dungeons. LexxOct 26, Show Ignored Content.

Still it's better than simply following the arrow on the compass. No Mutants Allowed. The compass is so hard to follow from time to time. Hidden Valley I'm looking at you too - I thought they'd improve the local maps but no.

Having trouble finding Cerulean Robotics to recruit sexbot, quest marker might be wacky. Some vaults are more annoying that the others. Can someone please help.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? AusdoerrtOct 26, Yeah, the map markers can get your head spinning on how to do this and how to get here.

Search Forums Recent Posts. Nuka-XOct 26, I am not trusting the compass a little bit.

With all honesty, local maps have always been shitty in the FO franchise. Thanks for putting this up, Nuka X. The map markers are so unclear sometimes, and I wish they gave them different colours or something especially when you have like 6 of them at a time. Found it using this video guide.

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He needs three additional providers for prostitution services: A suave talker, a sexbot, and a ghoul cowboy.


In traditional Fallout fashion, the video starts with a close-up shot of an old TV screen, starting with the title cards for the studios then switching over to a test pattern as the sound of televised gunfire, explosions, and screams suddenly cut out.


He will tell you that his clientele has very specific interests.


During this quest, you need to work as a headhanter, or speaking in Russian, you must recruit several employees at the Atomic Cowboy casino.