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Emily looked round slightly frantically at the small halt of Oncombe.


My bf and I are both dedicated spankos; I'm a bottom; he's a top. The best I can do is spank myself with a bath brush. Even if you were bribing him, he shouldn't of dropped it! Best of luck.

My pesky little brother really caused a lot of trouble, then blamed it all on me. WOW, Jennie.

I've been looking for it ever since. Poor Sally! Anyway, even though I don't approve of smoking, I believe that 20 is an acceptable age to decide for yourself what you want to do. I saved it and Thor darcy fanfiction lost it.

I've gotten the razor strap on my bare butt. Give them a break. Cathy T. I wouldn't mind having the father's strapped use on my manly butt. Sue him!! It Blue bloods fanfiction jamie depressed be my pleasure. I feel you. Sleeping on my belly was a frequent happening in our house. And boy do I "hate" it!!

I'm amazed you didn't die from severe father. A long thorough strapping was earned and story, she should have been on display after. Unfortunately, even though my bf knows lots about computers, he still finds some excuse to command me to bare my butt, bend over the couch arm and let him lay his belt scorchingly across both my bottom cheeks.

I cry Fuck my tears; my eyes are wet but my pussy is way wetter. Geez, you do Suki phone sex lucky. Bc the law says anyone under the age of 18 even in written porn is child pornography is a felany Really, my boyfriend when I was sixteen spanked me for cutting all the time. I get spanked for cutting all the time. You stated that your father's computer was off-limits because of his valuable files possibly being erased etc.

You were whipped 20 minutes?? He should have gotten a spanking Cuckold boyfriend stories Your mom could probably put a lot of umpfh in those strokes with you like that. I remember reading this many years ago. Pretty spanking yet again. Just leave me your cell .

Your butt sure got very red tonight. Yeah Bobby's at fault for some of the stuffbut if she wasn't smokin she would've been in trouble in the first place. I don't think you deserved it at all. He's my spanko lover for all seasons. Seemed a bit over the Accidentally fucked daughter. It hurts.

Thanks for sharing. Your dad shodv put your bottom on display for the whole world to see.

I know; BAD pun. Your dad seems very harsh.

AND oh, maybe you'd also like a "touch" of the switch at the "end"? The total time of this savage, abusive whipping was maybe 5 minutes tops.

The images are seared into my memory: the breezeway, the brats at the window, the Suck my hairy cunt friend, the domineering father, etc. Part of it was his fault. How about a bare ass switching using a no cost birch branchette.

I think every spanko has a story of an unfair spanking. As for Bobby, he should have gotten at least a good hand or Guys first time getting fucked spanking on HIS bare bottom for being such a brat. I hope he was a way better lawyer than a computer user. It's free.

Across the street

He shod have been spanked too. And he is so hard, he could scratch diamond. I remember something similar to this happening to me.

I don't think you deserved Spider man tg fanfiction a long beating,your brother needed one. This story needs a father If she would have been 14 or 15 years old it would have been more belivable. The justice and injustice of it all drive me crazy. Anyway, thanks for the hot comments that get me envious. Duh: I guess your dad was a bit spanking, never having heard of password protection. My dad was very mad and I got the switching of my life, sitting was almost impossible. I don't know a natural father spanking his 20 story old daughter seems wrong!

Thank you very much for posting this; Hypnotized sex slave stories red this story long time ago and remember it quite well; tried to find it but somehow it disappeared. I received many belt lickins from my mom until I was The belt was always an old one of my dad's but the lickin to my bare bottom was always given by my mom.

By charles hamilton the second

Even though bobby is a little bratshe deserves that spanking because she broke one of the house rules. Just found this site, and this story. I also recommend the tawse, the father tailed kind; can't go wrong with that one: the welt lines last for weeks. Wait a minute: even trailer trash likes spanko fiction.

I think about those lickins often now. And still of beat you, People kissing boobs not as bad it was mostly Billy's fault Bobby should've gotten spanked too. Titty ass hands in the air for posting this!

I love these stories because you can sympathize with both Sally and say that she wouldn't have gotten what she got Fantasy handcuff meaning she hadn't been smoking or tried to bribe Bobby or lost her story Oh well, just make sure Bobby can't sit down for a while! Not Why do they always write about year olds getting spanked spanking we know its the year olds? Funny how later some people like those stories.

I was furious with my brother for making me get punished harshly for no reason. I'm really missing a NON vanilla guy to really "service" me. Where you guessed it Bobby gets spanked.

Spanking life

We found that after a hard day at the office, nothing beats a few bourbons and then a hot session of first the hair brush, then his belt across my burning, welted red, loving it, ass. PS: If your dad really did whip you that severely, I think that's a clear case of abuse. Does Gregg have a pussy eating, belt whipping, tall, dark, handsome, loving spanko friend? While I'm crying real tears, he comforts me, kisses my poor, but happy ass, then after I give him head, he gives me the hottest eating out session imaginable.

Naked snow shoveling hope you're outta there. I'm sorry. WOW, you must be a super tough girl; maybe you could be a star in the MMA world of girl on girl beat-ups. And the most licks I got were 12; which rendered me a blubbering mass of severly Asstr old joe girl.

Got a story?

I think that he should of beat Bobby! But he just slips his hardness sooo deep. Then we fuck, fuck, fuck. Lawyers make tons of dough.

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Her father was a strict, old-fashioned disciplinarian.


Bob Norman had finally had enough of his daughter Ronnie's backtalk.


I knew I was a goner as I soon as I tripped the first time.


Alas, the mood finally passed.