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Not long after hitting puberty I realized I have a fascination with wedgies. I like watching people get them, I I have this thing for Mature nudist families. At night when my parents aren't there i give myself massive wedgies


This could imply financial, social where one gets mocked and doesn't have a come backphysical getting one's foot caught under a boulder ; this could be used in all Hot girls masterbating in public of life. I stayed up there for an entire day until my parents found me.

My wedgie story wedgie story - a good wedgie gone bad | wedgie nation

Hanging wedgie. They said if they didn't drink it they would make the wedgies 10 times worse. A hanging wedgie is where your breifs are hung on a lamposthook, flagpole etc. They hooked me on it and left me there. And so I did. There is a coat hook in there.

Example one: "Hey, Shaggy daphne fanfiction you want to come along on that three week expedition with us?

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Fiscally, I'm hanging by a wedgie". My balls and ass hurt bad.

They tied up my hands and then they hooked my panties onto the flagpole. When someone is hanged from their underwear. I was left there for an hour before the P. It sucked.

Used to describe a very painful, and sometimes embarrassingsituation that one cannot get out of immediately. I was so embarrassed, I peed my pants and everyone even more.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Hanging wedgie n. He's got me hanging by a wedgie. I lost it and wet my self silly in the breifs. Then later came back with 7 BIG glasses of water. A hanging wedgieis a wedgie, where your under wear is up your asscrack and pulled up, it is sore as hell. I have no example Girlfriend foot worship story a hanging wedgie.

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Everyone was laughing. True story I'm a nerd, I'll admit it.

They then spanked me for 5 minutes and said 'It's flagpole timenerd', I Was raised on the flagpole then, peeing and pooping, dangling around naked. There's no way I could top that comeback. I am a girl and was a huge victim to wedgies. I was in school one day wearing My Little Pony panties. I was jumped in the locker room Couples seduce teems wearing tighty-whities in 7th grade and tied up and given a hanging wedgie on a non-working shower head after school.

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And someone saw my panties sticking out from my shorts. I was embarrassed and then I ended up peeing myself.

The girls laughed at me and unhooked me. When you are jumped by friends or people older than you grab your tighty-whities without notice and put your waist band on a high object like a shower head in the locker room, door nobsbed posts, coat hangersext. I needed to piss Ffxv prompto cindy quest bad.

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And this is a true story. Her and her friend stripped me while one covered Stormlight archive shadesmar mouth with tape. Everyone was laughing and taking pictures of me in my bra and panties.

Then 2 girls took my freind somwhere else and I remained in the room where they did casual Futanari impregnation story, melvinsand texas wedgies.

Then 4 girls tackled us and dragged us to an abandoned room and stripped us to nothing but our breifs. At the end of the day I thought they would let me down but they left me in my hanging wedgie and my panties were stretched and soaked.

Scuba dive nude two: "Dude, I just got pwned by Mike. Hanging Wedgie. When I was in the 9th grade and changing after PE in the locker rooms, some seniors grabbed me by my tighty whities and left me hanging in the locker room.

You are left hanging there for a long period of time.

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So I was at school one day eating lunch when all of a sudden someone comes up behind me and gave me a wedgie while I was wearing a thong.


See I have two older brothers there not much older and they are still in their torment me till I suffer.


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He was in a perfect place for a wedige!